Turnip Greens - 'Seven Top' Seeds

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Turnip Greens - 'Seven Top' Seeds

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Turnip greens without the root are a staple in southern cuisine and we think they should be a Canadian favorite as well. Especially since they grow so well in our cooler temperatures.

The greens are so popular in the south that they bred these seeds specifically to produce leaves and therefore almost no turnip root. They germinate extremely rapidly and the young greens are exceptional fresh or sauteed. As the leaf veins become large, before the plants bolt, they can make a hearty side dish.

Some people have been to known to develop a taste for "frost bitten" turnip greens, which tend to be a bit more bitter.

When sauteed with butter, salt and pepper, this bitterness is complimented nicely for an elegant side dish. Don't hesitate to throw a hot chili in with it if you like that kind of thing!