Sample - Bronze Fennel - 'Smokey' Seeds

Qty: 30-45 seeds

This is not the bulb type fennel but produces light and wispy iridescent foliage on sturdy stems which hold up corymbs of petite yellow flowers that soon turn into individual flavorful seed heads. Butterflies LOVE this plant and you will too. It works fantastically well in salad dressings, chopped as a garnish, and is second to none when it comes to seasoning seafood dishes. Also fantastic as a low maintenance landscape plant.

The flavour is slightly sweet and similar to anise due to the compound anethole being present in both plants. This is the same compound that gives black licorice its flavour.




Recommended germination method: Direct sow into soil or germinate into 2" cell packs .25cm (1/8") deep.

Germination temperature range: 15.5°C-32°C (60°F-90°F)

Optimum germination temperature: 21°C (70°F)

Spacing: Transplant individual cell packs or thin directly sown seed to a maximum of 10cm (4") apart. Will self seed if not harvested and since this is not grown for the bulb they can be spaced closer together than typical fennel.

pH and EC

pH range for soil: 5.5-7.0

pH range for hydroponic or soiless growth: 5.8-6.2

Maximum recommended E.C. range for hydroponic growers 1.0-1.5.