Sample - Bean (Bush) - 'Royal Burgundy' Seeds

Qty: 25-30 Seeds

Beautiful green foliage contrasts with deep purple stems. Stunning violet and white flowers develop into crisp and tasty 5-6" royal purple pods.

We've been growing this plant in our outdoor gardens for over 9 years and every year it finds a space.

Add to salads and vegetable trays for the contrast and delicious crunch. Also a favorite to snack on directly from the garden.

Be advised that the purple colour is lost with cooking/blanching but they still taste great!


Grows best in full sun.

Easy to grow by directly sowing seeds into the ground 3" apart and 1/2"-1" deep after the threat of frost has passed.

Recommended soil temperatures is above 15.5°C/60°F. Keep soil moist until germination (3-5 days).

To speed up germination soak seeds in water overnight before sowing.

These plants are fairly low maintenence, grow fast, and do not require special care.

Regular watering and plant food and needed.

Can be container grown.