Tomato (Cherry) - 'Lucy's Halcyon Berries' Seeds

QTY: 13-15 Seeds


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    denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

This is our horticulturist's exclusive selection which was originally found while growing the original red 'Blue Berries' tomato seeds in 2014. This was the season prior to the release of 'Blue Gold Berries' from Wild Boar's legendary breeder Brad Gates in 2015. The original 'Blue Berries' were supposed to finish red but one plant from that season grew with a distinct structure, and finished yellow.

Carefully selected and highly sought after, these are 5th generation seeds from an open pollinated 4th generation. All previous generations were made from a single carefully selected parent plant within each generation (single seed descent). Each generation was selected for vigor, improved taste, and beauty. Any future generation seeds sold here past 2017 will also be open pollinated from carefully selected plants.

In 2014 this selection won 6 awards including 2 best in show, a judge's choice, and 3 first prize ribbons between the Canadian National Exhibition (C.N.E.) and the Milton Fall Fair. After 2 more generations they returned to competition in 2016 fetching 2 more 1st place ribbons, and another "Best In Show" at the C.N.E. for vegetables grown above ground. They have not since been entered in any competitions.

 This tomato is being released in memory of our horticulturist's dog "Lucy" who passed away in 2016 after a battle with liver cancer. For 12 years and for all generations of this tomato, prior to 2017, her presence graced the prized gardens which housed them. She loved these tomatoes so much that in the last year of her life she refused to eat unless, you guessed it, one of them was squeezed on top of her food. We feel that the best way to honor and reward her is to put her name to this selection.

Why is this named 'Lucy's Halcyon Berries' instead of 'Blue Gold Berries' Improved?

Being found a season prior to the release of Wild Boar's 'Blue Gold Berries' these are not a selection from 'Blue Gold Berries', but one of the red 'Blue Berries'. This genotype was not available during the year they were discovered. If grown side by side with 'Blue gold berries' and other similar selctions, you would notice distinct differences. That being said, we do not want to detract from the fact that these are part of Wild Boar's 'Berries' line of genetics.



Bright and sunny days in conjunction with cool nights provide the deepest purple, almost black. As summer turns to fall they only become more stunning.

The tomatoes are ripe when the bottoms turn yellow. We suggest waiting until the yellow begins to turn very golden/orange. Typically we harvest full trusses just as the last tomato turns yellow.

Note: Although this selection could potentially be protected by various methods, it is our choice to release them to people who are passionate about gardening so please keep Lucy's name attached to them should you decide to save seeds.

For access to an isolated 7th generation seed lot derived solely from single seed descent which is suitable for breeding new lines, please contact us for details.