Corn - 'Glass Gem' Seeds

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QTY: 9g (Approx 50 seeds)

A carnival of colors. With every stalk producing a different colour palette of visually stunning kernels, there is no corn that is more opulent. Shockingly beautiful and always gets a reaction. Easy to grow and yields 2-3 cobs per stalk. Use it as decorative corn or as popcorn. This seed lot is from our own selections over 4 seasons of growth. Colour lots vary drastically, each stalk produces its own unique spectrum so you never know what will appear!

110 Days.


Germination/Spacing: Sow seeds directly in ground once the soil has warmed to 13°C/55°F. Optimum germination temperature is 15.5°C/60°F

Spacing: about 12-18" apart. Closer plantings will give you smaller cobs but can still be successful.

Harvest: With decorative corn and popcorn it is best to wait until the husks turn brown and dry to harvest at which point they can be removed from the plant, cleaned and then dried thoroughly.

If planting small amounts, and for the most complete/full corn cobs, we recommended that you manually pollinate your corn. Manual pollination can be carried out once the tassels are visibly releasing pollen and the silks appear. Simply shake pollen from the tassels onto a rigid piece of paper and pour or blow the pollen from the paper directly onto the silks.

Please note that like any corn, in order to save true seeds from, you must bag the silks and manually pollinate them to ensure no contamination from other nearby corn sources occurs. Pollen drift can come from 100's of feet away.