Summer Squash - 'Early Golden Crookneck' Seeds

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Don't let the name fool you if you're unfamiliar with this beauty. This is a tender summer squash that produces well even in short seasons. After growing this once in 2011 it made us wonder why more of us in Canada don't have this annually. These plants grow rapidly and easily by direct sowing. Every few days after fruits appear it will produce a sharable snack size squash which does not require cooking to eat. Since this plant produces male flowers for pollen and female flowers for fruit there is often no shortage of stunning edible male flowers that you can use in many ways.

We highly recommend that you try growing this at least once if you haven't.


This plant requires sufficient calcium from an early stage to prevent blossom end rot.

Well drained sandy soil is preferred but this cultivar thrives well in a variety of soils.



Recommended germination method: After last frost when the soil has warmed to 16°C (60°F), direct sow seeds in groups of 3 at a depth of 1.5 to 2.5cm (0.5-1").  Once germinated select the strongest one and remove the other two. Optionally sow in advance indoors into 4" containers.

Germination temperature range: 16°C-40.5°C (60°F-105°F). Temperatures below this can cause seeds to rot.

Optimum germination temperature: 35°C (95°F)

Spacing: Space 90-120cm (36-48" apart)

pH and EC

pH range for soil: 5.5-7.0

pH range for hydroponic or soiless growth: 5.8-6.2

Maximum recommended E.C. range for hydroponic/soiless growers 1.6-2.2