About us

At Opulent we've always had a passion for plants, from blooms to fruits and the many ways we can preserve them. We believe that this same passion can grow inside of anyone.

Our lead horticulturist dedicates his time to growing fine produce and blooms. Because of this he is often asked where seeds can be purchased. This is what prompted Opulent to move online and this is why you'll find that all of our descriptions are unique and true.

    We truly are a boutique-manufacturer. When we have flowers and live plants for delivery every spring and summer, they were actually grown by us. All preserves have been formulated in-house and manufactured with quality at the forefront.

    There are many great things to enjoy in life, nurturing a seed into a plant for flowers or fruit is one thing everyone should experience.

    All photography on the site was created and is owned by our lead horticulturist unless otherwise noted.

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