Tomatillo - 'Purple' Seeds

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Wonderfully prolific and low maintenance plants that provide a bounty of delicious and firm fruits. Easy to grow and very pest and disease resistant. Fruits are surrounded by a beautiful papery husk that makes them feel like an elegant gift when you share them with friends and family. Sweeter than their green counterpart with a multitude of uses.

Important Note: You must plant 2 of these plants as they do not self pollinate.


Can be harvested any time once the fruit is touching the husk to until the husk has split and dried brown. The deepest purple shades come once the tomatillo's husk has split and the sun hits the fruit.

Seed viability for tomatillos does not last over long periods so we recommend that you select your best plants and save the seeds from those at the end of the season, rather than extending your seed packet over 2 seasons. The seeds we're distributing have been packed specifically for this year.


Recommended germination method: Germinate in cell packs 1cm (1/4"-1/3") deep.

Germination temperature range: 18-29°C (64.5-84°F)

Optimum germination temperature: 25°C (77°F)

Spacing: Space plants 1m (3.3ft) apart. You must plant at least 2.

pH and EC

pH range for soil: 5.8-7.0

pH range for hydroponic or soilless growth: 6.0-6.3

Uses: Use fresh or add to cooked meals in any way you can think of. When thinly sliced, they accent cheeseboards in the same way grapes do. Makes excellent Pico de Gallo, Salsa Violeta, soups, and more.

These freeze incredibly well too. Simply remove the husks, wash, and place them whole into a freezer safe bag or container and store them for up to a year in your freezer.